Speak No Evil

I was asked to do the cover for Baltimore's City Paper back in late May, but wasn't given the subject of the story until after I'd accepted the job.

The story was on child sexual abuse within the Jewish Orthodoxy in Baltimore and the surrounding area. Heavy, heavy stuff, and an extremely powerful story. The cover had a very quick turnaround, but I wanted to handle the subject as eloquently as I could. Reading the story over multiple times, there were a few things that stuck with me, but what resonated most, was the idea of victim shaming, and the idea that things like this were not talked about, and those who did became outcasts. Sort of like a version of "Stop Snitchin'" The idea for the cover came from there.

The illustration was originally supposed to run as an inset piece under the City Paper title, but when I sent the image, the AD decided it would be better as a full page, and asked me to extend the image up to the top of the page. It was also run as a full page interior mirroring the article.
I was really honored to be the one to illustrate such a powerful and challenging piece. Thanks to AD Athena Towery! If you have a chance, please give it a read: Speak No Evil by Phil Jacobs

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