I was asked to do a piece for the magazine Domestic Etch recently. Its a biannually published art mag type dealie. The only guideline for the image was the theme of Growth and Decay. I instantly was drawn to the thought of a bouquet of flowers, and started thinking about Flemish flower still lives. The ones where there are gorgeous blooms at the top of the boquet, and dying/decaying leaves and petals at the bottom.

I also wanted to do something that wasn't figurative, since I don't think I really have ANYTHING that isn't figure-central. I like the mystery that surrounds this image.. I know its not readily apparent, but all the flowers in that vase are poisonous in one way or another. Fun fun!

It took a little while of me putzing around with the color, too. I was having a hard time nailing down exactly what I wanted to do with it. I feel like each of the variations I had whittled it down to gave the image a totally different feeling. Funny how color can work like that.

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