Dragon Lady

I was asked to step in and help out for the most recent 10 Paces  sketch swap. This was a fashion swap, so instead of a sketch, we swapped articles of clothing.
This is the photo I was given to work with
Super weirdo Godzilla 60's Japanese mod outfit, for sure. I wanted to do something fun and weird with it, and I was trying not to get too hung up on the fact that all I could think of when I look at this picture is some alien babe that Captain Kirk is gonna try to put the moves on. So, y'know, why not dragons?
I had also unfortunately misread the prompt and totally missed the fact that it needed to be a square composition. Squares can be so hard, especially when you weren't originally planning for them at all. I think the piece ended up a lot stronger and with much more of a narrative because of it though, so I'm not complaining.

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