Tipping Justice

This piece was for the Inlander out in Spokane, WA. It was for an article about how police are tipping justice in their favor. The art director pretty much already knew what he wanted to see... Justice larger, and a police man grabbing one of her scales and pulling it down towards him. I gave a couple different variations for sketches, but with something so specific, I feel like there's only so much you can do.

I did like where I was going with some of the colors and shadowing in the sketches. I've been trying to explore some new textures and ways of coloring things a bit, but didn't want to do anything too new or risky for a finished piece.


  1. Kate! I really like Justice's right hand and all the other stuff also.

  2. Great job, Kate! This came out awesomely, I really love the perspective! Hooray!