Handsome Gents

Last week, I took part in the most recent Ten Paces and Draw sketch swap. The theme for the sketch was "Handsome Gents"

The sketch I got was from Chris Hajny. Check out his work here.
He's got a lot of great stuff!

This was my take on it. I set out with some pretty high standards, and had a lot that I wanted to do with it as far as mood and atmosphere (and a background) but due to an unfortunately timed bike crash, I was pretty immobile leading up to when this was due, so I sort of had to rush to finish it. I feel bad because there are definitely some good parts, but a lot of it feels kind of half-assed. Maybe some day I'll go back in and make it so they aren't just floating around in space.

Anyways, 10 paces is a really neat blog and makes for some fun projects. Definitely check it out if you haven't already!

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